Monday, 14 March 2011

World Cup Qualifier: Thailand 0 - Oman 1 - First published March 28, 2008

This post was originally on my old deleted blog

Woke early and called Nit at 11, and he arrived shortly afterwards.  After eating we took the motorbike to a friends to look after whilst we were out of town.  We jumped on two motor bike taxis and headed for the bus station.

Arrived at 1300 and got tickets for the 1330 bus.  Problem was no buses and the 1250 still had not arrived to leave.  A gaggle of buses arrived over the next 10 minutes, obviously some hold up on the way from Bangkok and we were on our way by 1345.

When we arrived at Ekamai we got a taxi to the hotel in Huamark.  The hotel would serve it’s purpose, but would not get anywhere near my list of places to stay.  Down a dark soi, with the wall of a mall on one side.  Obviously popular with Japanese tour groups judging from the menu.  Checkin a slow nightmare.  Supposedly recently opened, but already showing signs of use.  Oh well it’s for one night and it’s within walking distance of the stadium.

My room was fine, even if the glass door to the bathroom is disconcerting.  We go and grab something to eat in the mall…. But neither of us enjoyed the food.

Nit called his brother who reported that he was in a taxi but had no idea how long it would take.  We decided it was time to set off and told him to meet us at the stadium.  We had the tickets.  The walk took longer than expected, being further than it looked on the map and we arrived at the stadium at 1815.  A phone call, his brother was almost there.

His brother and friends arrived about 1830 and we went into the stand.  Of course by the time we got inside Thailand were already one goal down.  Found some seats as, even though our tickets said we had designated seats, it was free seating. 

The game was entertaining with Thailand working hard but not being able to find the back of the net and Oman seemingly intent on collecting as many yellow cards as possible.

Try as they might the ball stayed out the back of the net and on the final whistle we left and went to find some food.  We headed towards the hotel and eventually spied a buffet restaurant so went in and ate.  Nit’s brother headed off home after eating as he had to be up for work.  We walked back to the hotel where we had a beer in the bar and relaxed.

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