Wednesday, 23 March 2011

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Motorists will be able to use the Bangkok-Pattaya Motorway and Bang Pa-In/Bang Phli ring road for free between April 8 and April 18, .... continued here The Nation

Warplanes to combat hailstorm threat

To minimise the chance of hailstorms blitzing the northern region in the coming hot season, two Royal Thai Air Force warplanes have been enlisted in an operation to "attack" the seasonal phenomena, which can be devastating to crops and property  continued here  The Nation


Thai, Laos, Vietnam border area a loop of peace and prosperity.  read here

Flight Prices Reduced for Songkran -

THAI will offer a 45% discount on domestic air tickets to passengers travelling to Bangkok from April 12 to 14, executive vice-president Pandit Chanapai said.
The promotional flights include Khon Kaen-Bangkok for which the price is cut from 3,440 to 1,810 baht for a one-way trip, Chiang Mai-Bangkok (reduced from 3,890 to 2,060 baht), Udon Thani-Bangkok (from 3,580 to 1,890 baht) and Phuket-Bangkok (from 4,675 to 2,490 baht).  Read More

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