Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sticky Rice at the Orchid Cafe

It seemed a good idea at the time. The village chosen by Bob Andrews as a refuge from the chaos of Bangkok lay just off the north-south motorway. His partner Pan already ran the village store and noodle shop. Why not expand the business to include an English-style tea shop? But Bob hadn’t done his homework. Thai motorway travelers are in too much of a hurry to break their journey for a pot of tea and a plate of crumpets. And Thai villagers eat rice soup for breakfast, not bacon and eggs. Nevertheless, Bob did gain some profit from his failed enterprise, winning a rare insight into the life of a typical Thai village.

Author : Andrews, Bob 

Sticky Rice at the Orchid Cafe
ISBN : 978616-2220678
Category : Humor
Pages : 112
Price from : 4.99 US$ (ebook)

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