Friday, 11 March 2011

Don't steal Buddha Images

On Thursday at 1:30 am, a Pattaya City Hall Public Health Department Employee, Mr. Wilai Pliasui, aged 54, along with his children and grandchildren, brought Mr. Detjak Sae-jang, aged 25 from Trad Province, to the Pattaya Police Station, as Mr. Detjak was caught stealing over 500 Buddha images from Mr. Wilai's collection, and worth a fortune. The Investigation Inspector questioned the offender and Mr. Wilai, and also inspected the evidence of 300 Buddha images which Mr. Wilai managed to retrieve from the shops that purchased them. Mr. Wilai stated that he lives in Soi Bon Gai, South Pattaya, which runs by the Land Office. His job at Pattaya City Hall is to spray for Mosquitos to prevent Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and other diseases. He left his house on Tuesday morning just like everyday, with no one guarding the house during the day time. When he returned home around 3:30 pm, the back door was busted open, and his collection of priceless Buddha images had been swiped. He began investigating, and a neighbor told him that the suspect could be the man he had cuddled and cared for, like he was Mr. Wilai's own son, Mr. Detjak. Mr. Detjak was seen entering Mr. Wilai's house and taking some boxes with him when he left. Mr. Wilai, his children and grandchildren got together and went to a snooker bar to squeeze the truth out of Detjak. After being roughed up enough, he confessed that he was the thief, and managed to pocket 2,700 baht by selling some of the Buddha images already. After the truth was revealed, more beatings continued for Mr. Detjak, as you can't mess with a Thais religious symbols. Mr. Detjak was handed over to the police in very painful state, with his face quite bruised up. He confessed to committing Theft to get money for rent and Snooker Gambling. Off he went to await legal proceedings, and the family of Mr. Wilai will carry on searching for the rest of the stolen Buddha images.

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