Saturday, 12 May 2012

Journey Home

After an uneventful trip by rail and tube from Chelmsford to Heathrow T4, checked in with ease, and got an exit row seat.  Something I would have no need of!  Check in was quiet, I assumed because I was early.

T4 has few options for a drink or a bite to eat so ended up in one of the bar/restaurants.  It seemed to be that, garfunkels of Costa Coffee.  Once I got on board the flight the reason for the quiet check in was obvious.  The plane was about 10% full.  As soon as teh doors were closed the stewardess told everyone to take any row of three they wanted and lie down after take off.

Dinner was the choice of 'Veg or Non Veg.'  I managed to ascertain that teh nin veg was chicken so went for it.  Bar service was generous as usual, at least up to meal time.

Dehli was an easier, quicker transfer than Mumbai.  But for some reason all transfer passengers had to wait at the gate to be shown the way to the transfer counter.  It wasn't like it was hard to find.

On time departure to Bangkok, this time the plane was about 60% full.

Once at Bangkok quickly through immigration and the bag arrived fairly soon afterwards.  Both I think were quicker than Heathrow.  A night in the Queen's Garden Resort and then the shuttle up to Udon this morning.

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