Monday, 30 July 2012

Travel News


BANGKOK, 27 July 2012: In addition to new routes and frequencies, announced earlier this month, Nok Air says it will launch more flights effective this August and September.
From 1 August, the airline will add one more flight to Ubon Ratchathani lifting the frequency from three to four flights daily.
Then from 1 September, Sakhon Nakhon will be served by three flights daily, up from two, while Roi Et will get three weekly flights with evening departures, giving the city two flights daily. Phitsanulok services will be have two more daily flights, increasing from three daily to five.
From Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son and Udon Thani services will increase from two to three daily.

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JAKARTA, 27 July 2012: AirAsia said Thursday it will buy Indonesia’s Batavia Air for US$80 million, as the region’s biggest budget carrier spreads its wings in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.
The Malaysia-based airline expects to complete the acquisition, which is subject to Indonesian regulatory approval, by the second quarter of next year as it moves to bolster its presence against fast-growing rivals.

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BANGKOK, 25 July 2012: SilkAir will add a weekly flight to Chiang Mai and Danang during its winter schedule.
The airline is making adjustments to its network during the winter timetable (28 October to 30 March 2013) to better match market demand.
SilkAir said it would increase frequency on the Singapore-Chiang Mai route from three to four weekly flights.

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Udon Thani FC

Udon face Mahasarakam this evening needing a win.  Having led the table early in the season they are now third behind Roi Et and Namkon Panom.


BANGKOK, 23 July 2012: Thailand tourism industry will face more pressure from a neighbouring countries, which are moving towards establishing a single visa that does not include Thailand as its gateway destination.
The CLMV scheme is an initiative of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Described as a single visa, it is due to be officially launched this September at Ho Chi Minh City’s International Travel Expo.
The visa will allow foreign tourists to travel to any of the countries in the bloc using a single visa

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Friday, 20 July 2012

Tourism News

BANGKOK, 19 July 2012: Festivals will be the main tool to attract more tourists to Northeast Thailand according to the region’s Tourism Authority of Thailand office.
The focus on festivals and special events should ensure the Northeast gains a fair share of  domestic trips that should reach 107.4 million in 2013.

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BANGKOK, 17 July 2012: Thai Airways International has introduced  discounted fares for destinations in South Asia good through 30 September.
Featuring only economy class, the Indian – Subcontinent Special ex-Bangkok online fares are Bt12,295 to Dhaka; Bt13,685, Mumbai; Bt15,195, Delhi; Bt9,560, Kolkata; Bt12,655, Bengaluru; Bt13,210, Hyderabad; Bt12,055, Chennai; Bt12,465, Kathmandu; Bt15,050, Karachi, Lahore and Bt10,795 to Colombo.

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Gratutious Plug For The Thai Diamond Books


Somrot Weangmakham is persuaded by his brother to go and work at Diamond Boys when it opened.  He agreed on condition that he only did the shows.  Surit told him that going with customers was not compulsory, but that he really needed some help to get the shows started.  Somrot, ‘Rot’ as he was known, was not worried; he just did not want his brother to know.  He knew the rough end of the trade, but that was a secret.  ‘Rit’ could never be allowed to know what had happened in Bangkok.
Two Farangs, Michael Barnard and Geoffrey Shotton befriend the guys and become part of their future.
There is something about the Diamond guys, whether it is fresh faced Run, straight from the village, or Cap who had done his round of the bars and a bond would tie them.  They endure all that Pattaya has to throw at them, including death and rape.  They come through it all stronger, harder and more determined.
Cap and Run use every tool at their disposal to save enough money to escape Pattaya and build a new future in Udon.  Two Farangs, Michael Barnard and Geoffrey Shotton befriend the guys and help them along their way.  Geoff supports Cap and Run in their battle to move north, whilst Mike befriends Rit and Rot.  Even when Rot leaves for the army they remain close. 
One of their number dies and guides their futures from beyond the grave.  Their guardian spirit will only rest once they have accepted their fates and built a future, but they have to work out his riddles.
Rough Diamonds is set in Pattaya and Isaan. 


The guys are back and on a mission.  Keng completes his task of helping his friends find their futures and is finally free to move on.  As friendships are renewed, the Diamonds set down a path that will see them change the face of Diamond Boys, and Pattaya. 
They gain revenge on some of those who crossed, exploited and abused them in their youth.  To get there they have to work undercover for the police to expose a side of Thailand a lot of them were once part of,  the side the Thailand where they lost their innocence.  In many ways it was all for Keng, their soul mate, who started young and died at 20.
Rot finally declares his feelings, ones that he has hidden from everyone but Mike and, together with Run, leads the Diamonds towards the bright future.
The pivotal event in the Thai Diamonds books is Rit’s night at the Hilton.  Whilst Rough Diamonds tells the story up to that night, Diamond Fellowship is a fast-paced account of the three months that follow it.  If you have read Rough Diamonds, Diamond Fellowship follows their stories.  If you have not then Rough Diamonds is there for you to delve into their past once you have read Diamond Fellowship.

Find out more about The Thai Diamond series at  the Thai Diamonds Website

You can purchase the eBooks from Bangkok Books, Kobo, Amazon, iBookstore and other online stores

Monday, 9 July 2012


It's been a quiet couple of weeks.  So far the rain has managed not to disrupt Nit and Lak selling at teh markets.  And we've finally got 'elephant-trunks' up on eBay.

My new favorirte place to eat farang Food in Udon is the Blue Orchid (On the same road as the Irish Clock).  Mojo's has closed in the centre and is moving to the Ring Road.  If they are closed - opening does seem intermittant at times then I've tried Seaside 2.

Central Plaza has the usual suspects of restaurants.  Starbucks always seems to be almost empty and I still prefer Wawee in UD Town for a coffee.