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Bait yourself to a Serene Thai experience at Sangkhla-buri

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Sangkhla-buri , this Thai town is not much of a buzzing tourist spot. So, if you are interested in some basic sight-seeing and a vacation that is devoted more towards relaxation and family time then Sangkhla-buri is the place for you. Attractions in Sangkhla-buri can be counted on fingers and you won't take much time in paying a visit to all these places. The town has not been developed as a commercial tourist location. This makes staying here for a few nights all the more interesting! It is actually the location of choice for the local Thai people, who come here to spend their weekends away from the hum-drums of daily life along with their families. Listed below are the essentials that you would need to know while planning a visit to this peaceful little place.
Attractions in Sangkhla-buri
The prime attraction here is the Wooden Mon Bridge. It is longest hand-made bridge in Thailand. Reviews say that this part of the town is worth a visit because of it stunning sunrise and sunset views. Vehicles are not permitted here; the whole length is to be trekked on foot. Cross the bridge and you will be lowered down to a relaxing café. Sipping a hot beverage with a serene lake and the sun peeping out in front of you is something no money in the world can buy! Other attractions in Sangkhla-buri are Khao Laem Lake and the Wat Wang Wiwekaram. The Three Pagodas Pass, a place on the Thai border, is another worth visiting point here. The Wat Sam Prasob or the Sunken Temple is another point of tourist attraction in Sangkhla-buri. Sangkhlaburi has a lot of natural attractions such as waterfalls, rough jungle and the Khao Lam Dam which flooded a valley of Sangkhlaburi and also parts of the old city. The old half sunken temple is a beautiful scenic area especially at sunset and sunrise. Local hill tribes (Mon) build most of their houses on the water as raft-houses. The people there impress with their charm and their natural kindness.
Accommodation in Sangkhla-buri
Being a small place and not crafted as a tourist destination, you won't find much of commercial and business kind of attitude here. There are quite a few good hotels in Sangkhla-buri. In fact, guesthouses would be more common here rather than hotels. Some of the best accommodations in Sangkhla-buri are provided at Coffee Berry, P. Guest House, Haiku Guest house and the Phu Than Resort. These hotels in Sangkhla-buri are not very hard to pockets. You can easily manage a stay for 2-3 days at any of these accommodations; three days would be enough to go through the entire Sangkhla-buri. So plan a trip to this place and have a wonderful vacation with your friends and family.
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