Thursday, 28 February 2013

Been some time since I revieWed the Pattaya Press to see what was going on....

Early on Wednesday Morning and prompted by the recent drugging and robbery of two Turkish nationals in their Hotel rooms in North Pattaya, Police Colonel Suwan, the Pattaya Police Chief sent his officers to Pattaya Beach to round-up as many suspected prostitutes as possible.
Known as the “Coconut Ghosts”, as they often hide in the shadows waiting to be picked-up by foreign customers, more than 50 woman and transsexuals were detained and taken to Pattaya Police Station to be profiled and then fined in accordance with local ordinance which permits them to be fined the sum of 100 Baht should they be suspected of loitering with intent to cause a nuisance.
Police made it very clear that they will find those responsible for the drugging and robbery case but on this occasion the two suspects were not thought to be contained within the group of detainees.
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Police Colonel Suwan, the Pattaya Police Chief led a group of 20 Police Officers and Police Volunteers on an early morning mission to the main entertainment areas of South Pattaya with the task of rounding up as many transsexuals as possible who, the Colonel says, are the main group responsible for tourist-related crimes in the Pattaya area.
The group of officers visited Walking Street and the Bali Hai Port and were made to work for their arrests as many of the transsexuals attempted to escape down alleyways to avoid the inevitable fine of 100 Baht.
Some were able to escape but 40 of the transsexuals were arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station just before 5am at the conclusion of the operation, where they were relieved of 100 Baht each and then sent on their way with a warning. As usual they all returned to where they were collected from to presumably continue with their nightly task of seeking out foreign tourists who require their services.
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A 21-year-old Thai man was accidentally shot in his shoulder during a fracas between two groups of men leaving a Soi Bongkot pub. The victim was taken to Banglamung hospital by rescue officers. The Pattaya police did not show up to investigate the incident, the victim said.

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