Friday, 25 October 2013

Crossing the border - Nakhon Phanom to Thakhek

Of course the ferry is reserved for Thai and Lao only so it's back to the bus station for the International Bus.

Got the 0830 departure, perhaps not the wisest choice as it was packed to overflow.  We were told three people to a double seat, and departure was delayed whilst all the bags and boxes were loaded.  Anyway we got to the border in twenty minutes and I was waived over to the office.  It seems they like to give Farang special treatment at immigration, and not have you queue with everyone else.  Well there were two of us!  The majority of our bus mates were Vietnamese.

The special treatment didn't work that well as we then waited for forty minutes so that a VIP Bus group could have a trip across the bridge.

40 minutes after arrival back on the bus for the short river crossing.

Laos Visa on Arrival simple and quick, and only 1,300Baht, not the 1,500 that they charge at Nong Khai.  Back on the bus quickly and into Thakhek.

Or rather Thakhek Bus Station.

Gouged by the Tuk Tuk drivers who wanted 50,000 to take me to the riverside and a hotel.  That's 200 baht.  Three times the cost of the bus from Nakhon.  Still not much choice as the bus station is out of town.

Was taken to a hotel, not the one I asked for, but river front.  As they ignored me, I left and wandered around and checked a couple of others.  Looking at the map realized it was the hotel I intended, just had changed it's name.

Went back, got some attention and checked in.  Well handed over cash in return for a key.  Good clean ground floor room with fan and TV for 100,000kip.

Relaxed then went for a wander.

to be continued

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