Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The farang is not always wrong...

Yesterday returning from town, I slowed, and indicated then turned right into the Karaoke.  Or rather I attempted to.  Almost across with the left carriageway clear a pick up slammed into the drivers door.  He had obviously been speeding and come over the brow of the hill.  And from the skid marks where he braked decided to steer towards me he was doing more than the 80kph he claimed, not to mention that he hit us broadside and we ended up 20 feet away, or the fact that he came to a halt when his front tyres dug into the earth on the roadside

And of course he had no insurance.

Our insurance assessor arrived, followed shortly by the police.  N had a quick word with the police (who just happens to be a friend of the family).  They took details from the pick up driver.  His, I presume Mother, spent a long time harassing the police trying to get them to say it was my fault.   The police eventually wandered over, asked to see my licence, wrote down my name and drove off.  They told the pick up owner that it was there fault, they had crossed a yellow line and had obviously been speeding.  It was up to my insurance company whether they wanted to pay anything to her.

The insurance company agreed to pay her half the parts costs provided it was done at a main dealer.    meanwhile the City is off to Honda for repairs today.

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