Sunday, 10 January 2010

Quick Border Run

As I had to do a border run before the trip I am due to make to the UK at the end of March, and we had nothing better to do Saturday (Still waiting the papers to arrive from Bangkok) decided I may as well do one today and get it out of the way.

N drove to Nong Khai and went for a coffee whilst I left Thailand, got the bus across the bridge, got a Lao Visa and entry stamp, walked round to the other side and got a Lao exit stamp and a bus back across the bridge.

Unfortunately the Lao - Thai bus just beat us so there was a bit of a queue at Thai immigration, but even though I was back to the car within an hour.

It does help when you know the process.  Additionally I always make sure I have spare Thai TM forms (Arrival And Departure Card) so that I can fill them out in advance.  I did notice that they are finally scanning the bar code on the TM and then scanning the passport information page which seems to make things much quicker.

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