Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Computer Day

I've been putting off a new system install on the netbook for some time, but finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to Windows 7.

The only issue that came up when I ran the Windows 7 upgrade advisor was that the Edge modem might not work.

Of course the netbook comes without a DVD drive so I copied the Windows 7 DVD to a thumb drive, and changed the boot order on the netbook to it would boot from DVD.

I then downloaded Windows easy transfer and used it to move files and settings to a second thumb drive.  As few files were stored on it a relatively quick process.

I then attached the thumbdrive with Windows 7 and rebooted and commenced install.using custom option as it was running XP.

A smooth process followed which took less than an hour, I ran easy transfer to transfer back the files and settings.

My other software was all backed up on the desktop so I now copied this to the thumbdrive and reinstalled Openoffice, Thunderbird and Firefox together with Picasa which is all we ever use on the netbook.

Moment of truth, I attached the Edge modem.  It didn't auto install as it does in XP, but Windows 7 recognised it as a CD Drive and I was able to run the setup file to install the modem, which Windows 7 recognised.  I clicked on connect and was online.

So after a couple of hours we have a functioning netbook again.  I'll let it run a few days before upgrading the desktop.

Meanwhile I also bought a dual 1 terrabyte external drive with RAID.  So I am now busy transferring files from various legacy drives over.  I'll complete this process before the upgrade.  However with RAID installed I feel much more comfortable about file security.  However I think a few days will be needed to transfer files and sort them on the new drive.  I'll then use one of the legacy devices to back up the desktop when I do the Windows 7 Upgrade.

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