Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Busy Day All Round

Sunday was a free listing day on Ebay UK so I spent the day setting up items for my Brother, who is away skiing, which will close after his return.  It is mainly things from father's house which we are gradually selling off.  At least if the 'local pickup only' items sell he can reclaim his house as everything else fits into the loft.  There were many more items I could have listed but gave up after 5 hours.  Still there is enough to keep Bro busy on his return.

Meanwhile N spent the day checking out a site and the costs of construction to build a Karaoke establishment just outside the village, and far enough away from the resort not to be a disturbance.  It's 1,000 baht a month to rent the land and 20,000 to get it up and running as it already has some basic structures.  It's really for Mama to run as I have insisted that she has to work to earn some cash, because once I move out I am not covering the household bills, as I'll have my own!  I also insisted that business and family don't mix so she can't work at the resort.  I have made it clear it's last chance for her to make a go of something.   Pa2 and Bodyguard will do all the construction, we just need a tractor for a couple of hours to clear the overgrowth.  They can start as soon as they finish a bit of kitchen modification at the house which starts today.

If it doesn't work out then either we'll take over managing it, or we'll move the huts, tables etc to the resort and use outside the bar and restaurant.  All but about 4,000 baht of the expenditure can be moved.

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