Saturday, 23 January 2010


was a day for catching up with outstanding jobs.  First up was to replace the pick up tyres and change the oil on the pickup, both overdue.  Then a shopping trip to Udon as there was little we could do around the various work sites.  The guy from the Electricity authority was however working on electricity installation and the guys were working on the construction of the karaoke... good job it's outside the village.

Whilst in Udon got a rear step and front bull bars fitted to the pick up.... should reduce damage!

I'd like to think we'd have had a quiet night, but the music from the funeral three doors away was belting out when we got back.  We made it back for the Thailand-Denmark football match. which had to compete with the monks chanting.

Of to Udon again in the morning to pick a friend up from the Pattaya bus.  8.25 in the Irish Clock for breakfast is the plan, so about a 7.45 departure for me.

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