Friday, 22 January 2010

Busy doing nothing........

Set off just after 7 for Honda arriving shortly before they opened.  The salees guy arrived shortly after 8 and I handed over the keys... and waited.. and waited.

Just after noon they came to say that it was finished but needed checking, so it would be another hour as it was lunch time.  My stomach already knew that.

Anyway sales guy turns up, inspects the car and gets on the phone then signals for me to come and check.

The spoiler is the wrong shade of white he declares.  We are too busy to change it today, but bring it back one morning and they'll change it.

I looked closely.  yes the spoiler was slightly whiter. I decided not to ask why if they had the correct colour in stock they had fitted the wrong colour, but decided there was little point in asking the obvious.  to be honest the difference is so slight that they'd probably tell you in the UK that you could never get a good match between a plastic part and a metal part, had you noticed.  Of course now it's been pointed out, I notice.  So another trip back to Honda next week.  We just need to call the day before to avoid a waster trip.

Still teh promised discount was applied and the parts I had requested were fitted, and in fact a new grill was also fitted which i had not requested as I could not see the point, but it was included in the 'Premium Sports Pack'.  This being Thailand the removed grill was of course placed in the boot.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, nothing was achieved due to rain with more forecast although tomorrow is forecast to be humid but dry.  In fact it rained so much that i was trapped inside the Honda showroom.  At least if it had been dry I could have gone for a walk.

Well almost nothing.  Once I got back we paid for the snooker table, with permission to operate it where it is until the resort is built.  N is sorting out the manning of it and book for recording games.  10 baht a game.

Oh and I found the reason it was for sale.  The guy who 'operates' it at the moment works for Thai Air and is being transferred to Bangkok when Thai transfer the Udon route.

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