Friday, 15 January 2010

Land On Land

Received a quote today for bringing in earth to raise the level of the plots.  It's at the top end of the range of what iw as expecting, but when I think we are talking about raising 1,200sq metres of land by about half a metre.....

Anyway accepted the quote and told him to start Thursday, unless he gets a phone call because there is a last minute hitch with the bank.

Meanwhile the workers are busy pre-fabricating the reinforcement for the foundations so at least they are not say around doing nothing.

Went through the overall layout plans this evening and re jigged a bit.  Also decided to stop looking at adjoining land.  They all want too much or need time to decide.  Those who can't decide will be told when they do that sorry we don't want the land anymore, not at that price, but if they need money we'll buy it from them at 20% over what we paid the bank.

At least developing the new website has kept me busy, but I am about as far as I can go until we have the land.

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