Thursday, 21 January 2010

Full Speed Ahead

Well it's full steam ahead.  picked up the titles this morning.

Went to the electricity authority to arrange for power to be supplied.  The guy came at noon, worked out how much cable was needed and quoted a price for connection.  We discussed and agreed on the more expensive 30 Amp metre to service everything.  Should be operational by Monday.

Went to the local admin office to check what they need for 'approval' of the plans.  This will be done Monday as the 'big boss' isn't there until then.

It's rained today so they can't start bringing the earth to raise the land, but will start tomorrow.

Arranged for the water guys to come and drill a bore hole once the land has been raised.

The guys have finished their pre fabricating, so today are cutting timber for the karaoke.

Agreed a price on a second hand snooker table for the bar.

Honda rang to say the parts are ready for the car, they can do it first thing tomorrow.

It's only 3pm and I am shattered.

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