Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Buying Land

We arrived at Tesco Nong Han, as agreed at 10am.  (Bangkok Bank has a branch and they decided it was better then travelling to Sakon to come back).

We paid the balance of the money.  The title documents appeared as did the boss from Udon and we went to the Land Office at 10:45 and took our number.  '22'.  I remember that from somewhere.

Anyway Big Boss gave up at 1pm and went home ( Not sure why he was needed).

At 4.15 our number came up and we handed over the papers, N signed everything as did the bank.  We paid the tax.  They suggested we picked the papers up in the morning as he still had customers to deal with and wanted to get home to see the football.  Seems I am fated to get the 'I need to get home approach.'

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