Friday, 22 January 2010

We've moved.. and it all seems stable

Well sort of.....

You'll notice a new plainer look to the blog, but this is because it is now part of a new fully integrated site which is now live.  It should also mean the blog itself loads quicker.

For the blog you can go directly to

Of course you can continue to just use the old URL on blogger.  It still exists and will not change 

It has taken me some time preparing it, and making sure I am happy before I launch but blogger did not support what I wanted to develop, so I returned to Moonfruit as the platform for the site, especially as it allows me to embed functionality like the hotel reservations and the blog.

The photo posts now have their own pages on the new site, and the information links that used to be on the blog header are also there, so I have removed them from the blog.

Similarly almost all the information and links that used to be in the sidebars is now on the main site.  This should also make the blog quicker to load for those who only want to follow it.

Please update your bookmarks and links.

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