Monday, 18 January 2010


IT'S REPORTED TO BE A HOT YEAR. And not just climatically. The next 6 weeks are going to be hard with the Thaksin Asset case coming up. I know where I stand on the case, but that is irrelevant. I am a farang. However I have chosen to live here and I hope it can all be solved peacefully. Now it seems that some groups want to 'to quote the local press' 'wage war' to protect a man, without worrying whether the other millions of Thais agree. Without worrying whether there is any truth in the case. The PM has taken some perilous steps enforcing his standards on current ministers. Let's hope it does not come to haunt him. There is Talk of Thaksin in a 'do or die' mode. That is worrying for the country. His supporters are up tight over the pardon, even though established Thai protocol requires the 'individual' to start serving their sentence before a pardon can be given. As the day to buy land grows closer I become less and less sure about the future. Please let common sense be seen and we pass through the next two months and Thailand emerges at peace with itself. Anyway rant over.... The press are no better, we get reports of '200 Red shirts' protesting'. Multiply by 1,000 and it might be news. But come on guys. Unless you make the headline 'Only 200" what's the big news value. Next will it be 20 villages arrange a meeting over the village street lights? OK rant over

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