Friday, 18 October 2013

Wondering into Thai Culture

Cover for 'Wondering into Thai Culture'

Wondering into Thai Culture by Mont Redmond

Or Thai Whys and Otherwise

New 2012 Edition

Wondering into Thai Culture explores the many facets of the debate about culture and one which can never be fairly resolved on Western terms alone. It shows what these and many other issues mean from a Thai point of view. Newcomers and tourists will encounter nuggets of information and insight that may help make their stay more interesting and enjoyable. Those who have lived here a few years already may profit from explanations of Thai behavior and attitudes that constantly baffle them. Long-term residents of the kingdom will find plenty of matter intended to provoke their laughter, tears, sneers, or even vehement agreement. People who have never come to Thailand, and possibly never will, might still want to know how it feels to have a wholly different outlook on life. And Thais too should read this book, if only as a first step on the path of self-knowledge that they, and all of us, must climb.

A timeless work, first published as articles in The Nation and then printed as a book and reprinted several times.

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