Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Heading South

On time arrival in Edinurgh from Inverness.  Wel not quite, three minutes early.  Surprised to see so much snow on the Cairngorms as we passed... it is May.

Now heading from Edinburgh down to Inverness.  Had my 'british rail' breakfast, not it's time for sandwiches., with complimentary wine of course.

I reckon the majority of people in First Class are on cheap tickets.  Very few businessmen.  I remember doing the Newcastle-Kings Cross run on business when First was the reserve of the Executive.  But now, with free food and drink, and First Advance tickets not being much more than standard it is not surprising it's full.

I remember getting the 'Newcastle Executive', getting to the London Office for Meetings about 11.30, and heading home on the 5pm with Dinner.  Of course it cost more then, I think it was about 100 quid return, this time my train trips are free, but my Brother had loads of expiring free tickets.  I remember it was slightly more than the flight, but you did not have to get in from Heathrow.

I was tempted by the Craster Kippers this morning, but decided on the full English.  Kippers tomorrow if they are on offer.

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