Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Preparations For Monkhood - 2

We waited around for friends to turn up before a procession around the village.  Five minutes before the processions started, Nit informed me that he needed me to drive the NV to carry people.

And Nit had to get into regalia.

Not sure about the hat.

So we loaded up and assembled in front of the temple ready for a procession round the village, at walking pace.

The 2 kilometre journey took about an hour.  many houses had set up a jug of cold water and glasses for those in the procession.

Once back at the temple we all walked three times round the bot.

You'll notice more people joined us we went round the village.

Then it was inside for a Buddhist ceremony led by the monks.

And finally a Lay ceremony which ended with us tying threads round his wrist.

An so ended a lot hot afternoon.

At 2am this morning Nit went to the temple in the next village, and at 5am was ordained in Phang Ngu.  He will now live at the second temple in the village which is just outside the village for teh next week

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