Thursday, 17 March 2011

More raids on Pattaya Venues

 District Officials and Pattaya Police along with over 100 Police and Civil Defense Volunteers took part in a city-wide check of entertainment areas on Wednesday Night. Four specific areas were checked, namely North, Central and South Pattaya and Walking Street. Some of the more popular bars and nightclubs checked in the South Pattaya area include Insomnia and Mixx Nightclub and Star Dice Club in North Pattaya was also targeted. Patrons, both Thai and Foreign were asked to leave while officials concentrated on staff members only. They were all urine tested and surprisingly only one man, working for a venue on Walking Street failed the test and was arrested and later charged with consuming a class 1 drug. The Provincial Governor has ordered these regular checks for the foreseeable future and we would like to recommend that you always carry some form of identification with you at this time to ensure you are not delayed by one of these late night raids.

From Pattayaone - click here for more

The 'suggestion' to carry id with you suggests that maybe customers will be checked in the future.

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