Monday, 28 December 2009

The World Is Coming To Udon

Happy Birthday Udon!
The 1st Udon World Musiq Festival
January 15th-18th, 2010

Udonthani Celebrates Birthday #117 with a phenomenal borderless celebration of musiq, culture, food & fun! Supported by the Province of Udonthani, the Provincial Administrative Council, the Municipality of Udon & the Singha Corporation, "UDONWORLD" is what the locals are raving about-Isan's biggest ever world musiq festival. 4 days, 4 nights, from the 4 corners of Udon, Thailand & Planet Earth come borderless celebrations of humanity & life.

Africa's Yunasi, India's Dhoad Gypsies, China's Zhongua Legacy & the Irish Ditties of the Heatons are joined by 3 international shows from the USA-the Zydeco Musiq of Eddie Baynos, Ted Lewand's Gas Giant & the Ameri-Thai Performance of Himmapan.

Udon's native sons & daughters return to the "city of the North" with concerts by renowned "UDONBORN" artists like Maew Jirasak (rock), Sin Jaroen Brothers (acoustic world) R the Star (pop) & musiq virtuosos Stone-Metal-Fire. Reggae superstars Kai-Jo Brothers bring full regalia to the museum.

The festival's highlight is the January 18th UDONWORLD celebration featuring the brand new world musiq anthem, "UDONWORLD". There are art booths, the HIMMAPAN Social Forest, 2nd World environmental booths & bi-lingual histories of the heritage and culture that makes Udon the "World province".

Add to the mix, the best of Udon, history, youth performance & local & international food & you got "Muan Loke" "World Fun" & it's FREE!!


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