Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Louang Prabang 8 - Return To Udon

I woke early, had breakfast and checked out aiming to get to the airport about 75 minutes before departure time, which we did.  Checked in and had a coffee.  Then went through immigration to the departure gate.  Boarding time came and went and still no plane had arrived.  I wandered back out past through immigration.... yes you could freely wander out, even back out of the terminal and back in without any checks.... to try and find out what was happening.  A Lao Air official said that the incoming plane was delayed by bad weather and would arrive at 10:50 but they did not know when it would leave.

It did arrive and we eventually boarded at 11.25.

The flight gave a wonderful view of the Laos countryside as we flew south. 


And after the short flight we soon landed back in Udon where I've already written about immigration woes.


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