Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Driving Licence in Nong Han

Finally got round to getting my Thai license as I needed a residency letter to buy the car anyway.  Went to the Transport Office to check what was needed.  We were told to bring copies of the following by the 'boss'

  • Driving License
  • International Driving Permit
  • Passport main page plus visa and entry stamp and TM6
  • Copy of the house book
  • Medical certificate
  • Residency letter

Went to the local clinic and paid 50Baht for the medical letter.  Of course I never saw a nurse, never mind a doctor just the receptionist who filled out the form and gave it to me.

Then we went home and we copied everything and returned to the Transport Office about 3.  The boss checked the copies (never asked for originals) and looked at his watch.

It's too late I'll prepare it all later.  Come back tomorrow and we'll issue it. 

Read 'I want to go home early'

Anyway went back today at 12.30.  He asked for 500 baht, printed off the necessary paper for me to sign, bumped the guy of the camera and took over to produce the Driving License and 5 minutes later that was it, we were out of there.

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