Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Louang Prabang 6

We had lunch and sat around waiting to go on the waterfall trip.  Went to the agent to be told that as no one else had booked there was no tour.  He'd give us back 20,000kip and we could go in a tuk tuk with others.  Not knowing how many he'd put in a tuk tuk, and out of principle demanded a full refund, reluctantly given and then went to hire our own tuk tuk.  It cost more than it would have done otherwise, but having seen the large group awaiting the tuk tuk tour it would have been a very cramped trip.

So slightly annoyed we set off for Kouang Si waterfall, some 30km out of town.  Once in the car park there was a short walk uphill.

But the main falls were well worth the trip, falling 60m amongst the forest


Below the main falls, the river cascades down a series pools, the lower ones can be swum in.


to be continued...

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