Sunday, 20 December 2009

Fun at immigration

got my residence certificates at Udon Immigration the other day for buying the car and driving license.  Have to say what a helpful nice group of officials they are.  I think maybe the open area they use makes it less formal than elsewhere.  And the support staff are learning the trade... My residence certificate was sent back as they had made a mistake.  The officer took the time to explain to the clerk the mistake. 

When I told them I needed two, he said no problem.  I had 2 photos ready for each application.  He gave two back, once the letters were ready, he made photocopies and certified them as true copies.

They seemed to enjoy having fun at Nong Khai where we all had to go until they opened.

For those that have not been, and reside in Udon, they are in the old terminal building.  You can park right outside. Just drive as if you are going to departures and keep going.....

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