Sunday, 13 December 2009

Louang Prabang 1

We left early on Friday and got to the airport about 90 minutes before the flight.  Someone turned up at check in about 10 minutes later and checked us in.  We went and had something to eat then went to security about 30 minutes before departure time.  Immigration was quick (no computers just look at the stamp, remove the TM6 and stamp your passport and we were in the International Departure Lounge.  Slowly it filled up.  OK slowly more people arrived.  It ended up with about 30 passengers on the 48 seat Chinese built MA60.

It looks the spitting image of a French ATR to me, although the entry door seemed much lower.  The seats the usual 2 + 2 turbo prop configuration.  On time take off followed by the serving of a snack.  More generous of what most airlines called a snack.  Two beef roll sandwiches, half an apple and a slice of cake accompanied by tea, coffee and soft drinks.

We arrived at Louang Prabang on schedule and disembarked quickly.  Immigration was a breeze.  I went to get my visa on arrival, handed over the completed form and cash, then expecting officialdom to take it's time, went to the toilet.  I returned minutes later to find the clerk looking for me, passport in hand complete with Visa.  Through immigration, the bag was already delivered and out through customs.  Except there was no one interested in collecting our Customs declaration.  The reserved minivan was waiting and 15 minutes later we were checking in to the hotel.

As in the end it had been a last minute booking and the hotels I had been recommended were full I was lucky and found a 'last minute' deal on Agoda for the Ramayana.


The location was good, just to the side of the Royal Palace.  My room was nice, although could have done with better lighting.


Given the last minute nature of the trip I was happy with the hotel, but would not have been had I paid the normal rate for it.

Overall, so far so good.  I'll post about our first day later or tomorrow

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