Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Not a lot has been happening up here of note recently hence the lack of life posts.  The resort runs itself with Tak taking care of everything.  My involvement is the occassional shopping list when I am going into town anyway.  The market trading is taking up most of the day for Nit and I spend the day around the house and cooking in the evening.

Nit has sold the karaoke - It wasn't really contributing much and he didn't have the time to spend managing it.  The proceeds will be invested in expanding the line of products he sells at the market, adding higher margin, slower moving 'fashion' good. which will give a broader mix of product.

Unless there is some shopping to be done in town requiring a car I tend to go into Udon when Nit is going to VP to buy goods for the market.  He drops me in town and I get the bus back... Just got to be back in Ning Han before the last baht Bus to the village which is about 3.30 on weekends but later during the week when the schools are open.  And I enjoy mooching round VP seeing what there is for sale and how cheap!  If you are looking for stuff by the dozen it's certainly worth going for stationary and household products.

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