Friday, 8 April 2011

In The News

Price Watch

Petrol prices up another 40 satang this morning and it is possible that the diesel price cap will be raised.

Election Focus

It seems all MP's are focused on the election passing the new electoral laws by 354 votes to 0.  The have cut the advance polling days down from 2 to 1 which means 1 fewer 'no alcohol' day at election time.

No Plans

Hundreds of animals were left to die in their cages in the Nakhon Si Thammarat floods because a local zoo had no evacuation plans for them. Story Here

No Water

Reservoirs are running dry with only 10% left in the Chao Phraya basin and farmers have been advised not to plant second season crops.  Story Here  But I don't suppose there will be a ban on water fights at Songkran!

Songkran Plans - Songkran Madness

60 areas in 44 provinces are to be designated safety areas for Songkran with no selling or consumption of alcohol permitted.  Like that is going to work.  For Thais Songkran, alcohol and water go together.

Apparently volunteers will take pictures of drunk people and post them on line so that the police can monitor them!   That's assuming their cameras don't get doused in water I presume.

And apparently police at roadblocks have been requested to ask drunk motorists the pull over OR arrest where they bought their alcohol!!  You mean they don't arrest all drunk motorists they stop!!

Last year during the 7 days of madness 361 people were killed in road accidents and 3082 injured.  This year the 7 days run from April 11th to 17th with Songkran being 13th to 15th.  And of course Pattaya holding their big day on the 19th escape any restrictions.

Police have announced a crackdown on alcohol with random checks on roadside shops and mini marts in petrol stations which are banned from selling alcohol during the period, and also strictly enforcing the hours which alcohol can be sold.  I thought shops in petrol stations were banned from selling alcohol all the time.

For more check here and here

Meanwhile some good news

ZUJI, one of the region’s top online travel agencies announced, Tuesday, it has entered into a regional partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
Zuji is a B2C site that sell mainly hotel rooms to leisure travellers across Asia Pacific.
The partnership calls for Zuji to promote key Thai destinations through special offers starting with next week’s Songkran festival,13 to15 April. The focus is on Bangkok, as the Thai capital has plenty of excess hotel room capacity during the festival week.  For more of the story read here.

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