Monday, 4 April 2011

In The News

Both the North and South of Thailand have been placed on high alert.  The North for more heavy thunderstorms this week and the south for more mudslides.  read more

Bangkok Police new focus to stop speeding drivers.  excessive speed caused 219 deaths last year in bangkok, the next highest cause was cutting off other vehicles at 56 and illegal overtaking at 23.  read more

Quake season continues with a 6.7 quake off Indonesia read more

meanwhile inflation is expected to jump this month following teh removal of price controls on a whole range of products from eggs to soap.  read more

And we have yet another accident involving a pick up and a train at a crossing.  If the passenger in the back of the pick up could see the train coming and jump clear, why couldn't the driver see it and not try and cross the tracks!   read more

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