Friday, 1 April 2011

Bangkok Airport City Link on limited schedule

It seems the Airport Railway Link is having problems admidst rumours that the Express Line is underperforming and SRT want to suspend it permanently.......  Having used the service I don't think I'd pay the extra for the Express Line anyway, and the connection to the skytrain is much easier from the end of the City Line.

From TTR
Airport Rail Link resumed some services, Thursday, but advised passengers that frequencies would be limited for the City Line and the Express Line would remain closed.
SRT has failed to explain why the Express Line remained closed, or indicate when it will resume services, adding to the confusion and sending a negative message to airline passengers who used the service.
The City Line will operate limited service with trains leaving the main station in down town Bangkok every 20 minutes during 0600 to 2300.  Read More

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