Sunday, 2 January 2011

Oh Hum

Took the bus to Udon today, needed some shopping.  Nit dropped me off in Nong Han on the way to today's market.  Managed to complete the shopping list before heading back home.  Of course I should have known better than rely on any Thai when they said the last Baht Taxi from Nong Han leaves at 6pm.  Arrived in Town at 5.... nothing!  Ended up paying 120Baht for a Tuk Tuk.  Oh well, Ill add it to the bill for the resort shopping I did in town ;)

Still waiting for the Electricity company to change us over from a temporary meter to a permanent one, which will reduce our electric bill significantly.  Hopefully once the holidays are finished they'll be here, but a chase up mid week I think.  I remembered because I was doing a bank rec and forgot about the money for the deposit stashed away.  I was about 12k out that I was racking my brain about.  Having remembered I feel relieved.  Of course as TiT we have to pay the new deposit and for the new meter when they come to install and then wait to get the deposit from the temporary account back, they can't just transfer the deposit over.  12k might sound high to some of yopu, but with the resort and everything we have a 30Amp meter not the more standard 5Amp.

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