Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Driving Licence Renewal

Renewed my driving licence in Nong Han last week.  The process was simple.  They needed the residence letter from immigration, my old licence and a medical certificate.  The latter introduced last year for renewals.  Another bit of Thai nonsense as to get the medical certificate all I had to do is go to a clinic, hand over my passport and they filled out a standard form.  No check up or anything.  But I guess the clinic got 50Baht out of it.
For some reason, despite the fact that the letter from Immigration is supposed to confirm where I am staying they also required copies of my passport details page and visa, but not entry stamp, and a copy of the Blue Book for the house.

It was lunch time when we got there, but the guy took my papers and the fee and said he'd call once lunch was over.  AT 1pm, my name is called over the tannoy system, I went in, photograph taken and new 5 year licence in hand in 5 minutes.

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