Thursday, 11 February 2010

Yesterday started early

Yesterday started early as we needed some photos, three of teh Karaoke to be precise for the licenses.  I was expecting an expensive day.  Anyway we went at 8 and took some pics before returning home to print them.  Copies of house book and ID (we need so many they are scanned into the computer now and printed on demand).  Then off to teh local photoshop in town for pictures of Nit.  He walked upstairs in t-shirt and 20 minutes later had photoshop'd pictures of him in suit and his hair tidied!.  We'd picked the forms up from Nong Han the previous day so it was now off to Udon.

First stop was the Provincial Office where in about 20 minutes we obtained papers for the business.  Then it was off to the Office for Culrtural Affairs for the permission to sell Alcohol.  This took a slightly longer 30 minutes.

Picked up two new UPS supplies for the computers and relegated the existing one to take care of the TV and Stereo at the Karaoke and provide emergency landing.

Then off to Nong Han Police Station so that Nit could be fingerprinted.  Of course we arrived at 12:32.  Lunchtime ... so we ended up waiting until 14:00.  This was the most expensive part of the trip at 50 baht.

Back home we checked on the resort progress.  They were preparing the shuttering for the house base.  Uncle, who is managing the team, asked us to go and select roof tiles as he wanted to start prefabricating the roof trusses.  he hats to have men with nothing to do.  So it was back to Nong Han.

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