Saturday, 13 February 2010

PC Woes

Well not the PC.  Yesterday morning went to turn PC on, everything worked except the new monitor.  Checked everything.. The old monitor worked fine on new PC, the new monitor would not power up.  It's only 3 days old.  Packed it up and set off for Powerbuy.

The guy tested it.  No work.  So he tried another wall socket.  Still no work.  He murmured something that sounded like repair.  I told him it's only 3 days old, the company policy is replace or refund in first 7 days.  I also noticed that they had a 22 inch Samsung in stock which I'd have bought had they had it there at the time so I suggested that I paid the difference and took that one.

No can do.

Ok I said, refund me the money for the faulty monitor and I'll go and buy a new one elsewhere.  I walked back to the cash desk and waited.  A couple of minutes later he walked over with the Samsung and processed the change and I duly paid the extra 1,000 Baht as I had offered.

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