Friday, 19 February 2010

Plots and Posts

The surveyor turned up about 10 and started to plot the site.  After about 30 minutes it became apparent we were slightly out, but not so as to affect building.  This upset the 'neighbour' who was hoping for a high price as we have encroached.  Sadly for him over the course of an hour an a half whilst the surveyor from the land office measured and checked and implanted the concrete markers his superprofit disappeared.  And once he changed from needing 10 days to decide if he wanted to sell, to naming prices, we hung out.

I'd set a price for the plot based on what I knew to be values, taking into account it would be useful to own as we may not need but we can control what goes there and add the 'it's a farang factor'.

It became more and more obvious that they wanted the money.

I made a final offer, provided that they came to the Land Office and we did the sale on Monday at 9am.

He wanted 5,000 more but would pay the taxes and transfer fees.

Let's see if he turns up.... I've got the impression he will.....

And a bonus, I thought that they were only upgrading 4 plots to Chanote.  As they were there they did the separate plot which is not connected at the same time.....

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