Saturday, 14 September 2013

TV Transfers

The decision was taken.  As True no longer had English Premier League, we'd change to CTH, if we could find out who provided it in Udon.  It turned out to be simple.

We saw a installation van in Udon and noted the phone number.  Called mid afternoon and, after taking details, we were told someone would call.

Except someone didn't call.  An installation crew turned up at ten the next morning and by midday we had a CTH satellite dish and service.

One month on and having been through the English Language channels, there is nothing much I miss against TRUE, with the possible exception of the BBC Channels.  And in fact I am more likely to find something to watch if I am bored on CTH.  And the bonus, we are saving money against the TrueVisions subscription.

We have more service interruption problems due to weather conditions, but we are pointing at a Vietnamese Satellite dish!

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