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The Interpreter’s Journal - Stories from a Thai and Lao Interpreter

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Sometimes a brilliant lawyer just isn’t enough…

Benjawan reveals the story of her experience as a professional Thai and Lao interpreter, graphically showing how she works in legal settings including courtrooms and jails. She demystifies the conflicts that many Thai-Western couples face after moving to the US. Find out what happens when individuals who don t speak the language end up in criminal, civil and family courts. But this story is also a personal one, relating the author's journey from humble beginnings in rural Thailand to become a professional interpreter in the San Francisco Bay area.

Read Benjawan’s true life stories about...

* Her childhood growing up in Thailand

* How she acquired her language skills

* Her path to becoming an interpreter

* Why Thai women are interested in marrying Westerners

* Thai-Western relationships after couples move to the US

* Differences in culture, language, value and personality

* Story of the author's personal Thai-Western relationships

* Her life and work in the US

* Lao and Thai people in the US

* How interpreters work in legal settings

* Difficulties and challenges interpreters face

* Studying foreign languages

* And a lot more

This book is an entertaining and informative read for legal professionals, those who work with interpreters, expats living in Thailand and Laos or anybody who simply enjoys a good read.

By Benjawan Becker
Rating: Not yet rated. 
Published: May 21, 2011 
Words: 67,300 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452431178


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