Friday, 13 September 2013

The Sesame Seed Burns Before The Cashew Nut Cooks

Sean had an agreement with his parents.  If he worked hard and applied himself at University, then they would fund his summer trips.  On graduation, provided he had finally decided on a plan for his future, and there had been no problems on his summer trips, he could have a gap year.
The first year, after sixth form, he chose Thailand.  It was cheap and had a reputation.  He wanted sex, as well as enlightenment.  He was expecting to have problems, be robbed or conned.  He hoped to have casual sex.  After all he was eighteen and horny, and his experience limited.  But he wasn’t expecting to get close to anyone, certainly not a bar boy.  But then he met Tam.  Tam shared his life, in ways Sean hadn’t wanted and by the end of his trip accepted Tam’s lifestyle.
A year later Sean returns, against all odds having kept in touch with Tam.  A year older, but maybe not a year wiser.  He reluctantly agrees to join Tam on a trip to his home village where Tam wants to visit his ‘teacher’.  A journey to the far north east of Thailand, to Isaan.  A journey that would be a challenge in ways Sean never dreamt.
The ‘teacher’ turns out to be an Isaan Black Magic Master, or so he claims.  The truth is revealed and both Tam and Sean have to reevaluate their beliefs.
What they both realise is that it’s time to put the past behind them, start afresh and ensure that they act on things before it is too late.  After all, the sesame seed burns before the cashew nut cooks; don’t let issues hang around too long or they’ll burn you.

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