Friday, 25 February 2011

It always happens when I need to do a 90 day run

Three months almost up again, so it's off to Laos soon.

There always seems to be something to throw a spanner in the works.

I'd like to make firm plans, research and explore somewhere new.  But this time round wee are trying to get a shop in Nong Han to rent.  If that goes through soon then it's a quick there and back, maybe one night in Vientiane and then a trip to Pattaya shopping.  If not then looking at a visit to Vang Vieng for a few days.

If we get the shop at a reasonable price then the plan is to make it a 'drop in coffee shop' (the nearest is Udon and there are lots of Farang living in the area), still deciding on name, selling china which I can source in Pattaya - mainly seconds, but of lines produced for the likes of Ikea and some of the goods Nit is hawking round the markets.

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