Tuesday, 3 December 2013

British Ambassador Mark Gooding today launched 300 “GREAT” British tuktuks onto the streets of Phnom Penh.

Speaking at the launch, Ambassador Gooding said:
I am delighted to launch our GREAT British tuktuks today to raise awareness in Cambodia of GREAT Britain, a country that is both familiar and surprising, a small island with big ideas. Each tuktuk carries a vibrant image representing GREAT Britain’s diversity, its heritage, its innovation and its creativity.

GREAT Britain: a country that is both familiar and surprising

What do you see when you think about Britain? Our Royal Family and our love of pageantry and tradition? Iconic London landmarks like the Houses of Parliament or the Tower of London? The outstanding beauty of Snowdonia, the Scottish Highlands or the White Cliffs of Dover? Or one of our 28 World Heritage sites, such as the ancient monument of Stonehenge?
Or do you think of a modern Britain? Vibrant London with new additions to its iconic skyline such as the Gherkin, the Orbit Tower or the Shard? Modern artworks, such as the Angel of the North? The latest attractions, such as the making of Harry Potter Studio Tour?
This juxtaposition of old and new permeates every aspect of British life. The country that gave birth to Elgar and the Beatles remains at the forefront of the music scene with Adele and Tinie Tempah. Our national museums and art galleries, which are free to enter, now hold some of the world’s famous old masters and antiquities, as well as the latest works by Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and even Banksy. The country that produced Shakespeare is also the country that lays claim to Irvine Welsh and Danny Boyle. Our famous universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge, are some of the oldest centres of learning but lead the world in producing new ideas. It’s no surprise then that 10% of the world’s international students come to the UK to learn at our universities.
As a trading nation, Britain has embraced other cultures, quickly absorbing foods, traditions and words from overseas. We’ve always thrived on the exchange of goods, ideas and people. Our people are diverse, warm and welcoming. English is our national language, spoken by more than 600m people worldwide, but we’re also home to over 160 nationalities speaking over 300 different languages. They are united by a genuine passion for life – just visit any football, rugby or cricket stadium to see for yourself.

GREAT Britain: a small island with big ideas

Britain may be steeped in tradition, but we rarely look backward when it comes to business. We are a world-leading nation of innovators; from DNA to MRI to IVF, the UK has won 77 Nobel Prizes in natural and physical sciences and has the largest life sciences sector in Europe.
We are a trading nation and play a key role in the global marketplace. Britain today is the world’s second largest exporter of commercial services. Our business-friendly, stable political environment attracts investment from around the world – from 58 countries in 2010–12. Businesses come to take advantage of our thriving home market as well as using the UK as a springboard into the US$ trillion EU market. Entrepreneurs are attracted to the UK too, as it takes as little as 13 days to set up a business here.
Our successful business people are interesting, passionate and at times eccentric and subversive; we embrace Sir Paul Smith, Dame Vivienne Westwood and Sir Richard Branson. All iconoclasts and quintessentially British.”
For pictures of the launch, please go to our Facebook page UK in Cambodia
Note: The British Embassy Phnom Penh is advertising this GREAT campaign on 300 tuktuks, but these tuktuks do not belong to the Embassy.

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