Friday, 15 March 2013

In The Thai News

Phuket Crime Data - TTR WEEKLY

Police on Phuket island arrested 193 foreigners in 2012 mostly for drug related crimes and disturbing the peace.
Police provided data on crimes involving expatriates on the island to the local online news service Phuketwan, Monday, in the hope it would show the tourist island was not as dangerous as depicted in the media.
Crimes involving foreigners included two rapes, 13 attempted robberies and 46 cases of fraud.


Phuket Crack Down on foreign workers - TTR WEEKLY

Six eastern Europeans were arrested Monday by Immigration Police at Rawai district accused of work permit offences, according to a report released by a local online news service.
It suggests that immigration police are preparing a crackdown on the island to enforce labour laws that are opening flouted by foreign workers.


US wants armed marshals on its Thailand flights - BANGKOK POST

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