Sunday, 3 March 2013

Download 'The Sword of Nonsakhorn' free from Bangkok Books
Lian’s father was an Isaan rice farmer. One day when he was digging a well on his land he found something. On his death bed he told her about it, “Look at the bottom of my wardrobe and you will find a wooden box there. It has something that I found on my land.”

Mysteries unwind when Nop, her boyfriend finds an old rusty sword in the box and there is some old writing and a picture engraved on it.

A Tale of times’ gone by.

The Sword of Nonsakhorn is one of ten free eBooks from Bangkok Books.  You can review them all, and download them here

Author : Little, Alan
ISBN : 9786162221651
Category : 50-75% OFF!
Pages : 68
Format : e-book

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