Monday, 11 March 2013

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Blame it on Bangkok

Sex, Lies & Alibis
Tippawan is suspicious when her ex-fiancé starts being nice. She’s about to find out why.
Joe Copeland races to save his son from drugs, and discovers more than he ever wanted to know.
Young Troy learns an painful truth about his father after his mother dies.
Kamra’s life has not been an easy one. Hear a Thai lady's story in her own poignant words.
See Hanoi through the eyes of a fiction writer.
Tad’s brother is dead in Thailand. He goes there to find out why. He should have stayed home.... And Other Musings

Author : Gump, J.F.
ISBN : 9786162221378
Category : Books on Thailand
Pages : 176

Bar Girl

Siswan started life as a simple village girl but an alcoholic father and a needing mother would change her life forever. She must seek out the help of the foreign men who visit her country - but first she has to learn their ways.
From the first chapter to the last Bar Girl tells a harrowing tale of life in Asia where the only thing that matters is money, where love and respect have to be bought rather than earned, and where women always come second. 

Author : Thompson, David
ISBN : 9786162221330
Category : Books on Thailand
Pages : 274

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