Saturday, 9 November 2013

Along The Elephant's Trunk

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From an old man apparently trying to burn down a shopping mall in Singapore to the most northerly grammatical error in Thailand, Along the Elephant’s Trunk takes us on a journey through the Malaysian peninsular and Thailand to the northern border with Myanmar. Amongst the many incidents along the way we queue for tickets to join a later queue to see the worlds former tallest building, take a guided tour which begins with a look at vandalised parking meters, drift helplessly in a small boat in the Andaman Sea whilst the skipper tries to fix the engine with a hammer, watch a very drunk German preserve a bottle of rum whilst diving headlong into freshly laid concrete, get turned in to the police by a tuk-tuk driver, and wait by candlelight for hours for our food to be cooked over an open fire as we watch the electric lights twinkling among the satellite dishes just below. 

By Martin Drake
Rating: Not yet rated. 
Published: Nov. 05, 2013 
Words: 45,120 (approximate)
Language: Commonwealth English
ISBN: 9781311650580

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