Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thoughts on Thai Sleeper Trains

Ok, second time around.  Train arrived in Udon late, but teh train in front had not left, so we ended up 30 minutes late departing Udon.

After the first trip I knew to stock up and eat before the train.  As expected they came round with the menu.  Dinner was 180/190Baht which is not to bad, but better off eating first as it's a 1920 departure.  I was then offered Breakfast on the back of the card.  No mention of price on the menu.  I asked, 130Baht for things like three sandwiches.  It confirmed my intention to have something to eat at Bangkok Station.  Rather have a cappuccino and croissant at Black Canyon for 105Baht.

As expected we were two hours late arriving in Bangkok.  8.30 not 6.30.  As my flight wasn't until 1500 that was almost a benefit.

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