Sunday, 5 June 2011

Back from Vientiane

Going to Laos, big queues at the border.  Thai immigration had 2 counters open.  I arrived just after one bus and another two arrived shortly after.  Result, a long wait.  Got to Laos and it took 5 minutes to get my visa and be in a taxi to Vientiane.

Low season is biting.  My Tuk Tuk from Nong Khai bus station was only 80B.  previously it had always been 100.  Taxi from the border into Vientiane 200Baht, previously always 300B.

Vientiane itself was quiet, very quiet and it seemed hotels almost empty.

Had my baguette and coffee at my usual little coffee shop, Croissant D'Or, Enjoyed some nice wine and a good dinner which ended up being by candlelight as there was a power out.

Returned to my hotel to find it in darkness and the sole employee on duty sat outside.  Asked him if he had a torch so I could get to me room.  'Sorry no, I only have my cellphone'  And no offer to guide me.  After a further 20 minutes of no lights I used my own cellphone and found my room, collected my bags and left for a hotel round the corner that had electricity.

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